Sunday, November 27, 2005

The last goodbye?

I'm gonna try fiddle with the HTML to add a 'Recent Posts' section. Not really sure what I'm doing. Have heard horror stories from people far tech-savvier than I, about trying to change their blogspot page. If, for some reason, this blog becomes defunct, it's because I deleted/added something I shouldn't have...

Back again... Couldn't do it! Mission failed. Bummer. At least I didn't completely stuff it up, things appear to be working OK. Truth is I'm bored, waiting for the Blacks to play Scotland. Despite whatever the time thingey says, it's 3 in the morning, rugby starts in half an hour.

Only coz everyone else's doing it/done it..
A blog policy/ disclosure/ statement thingey:

CENSORSHIP: Strictly no President Bush bashing (everyone else is fair game). He gets a hard enough time in the rest of the world's msm & blogosphere. Give the man a rest!

BLOGSPOT PROFILE: I wrote this really stupid one, and I couldn't get rid of it! No matter what I tried it wouldn't disappear, so I had to disable the whole profile thing. Not trying to be a furtive anonymite or anything. To prove it...

PERSONAL PROFILE: 38, male, capricorn, born Gisborne, English dad, Maori mum, single, live in Jville, lived in Wellington for over 30 years. No one important. Never been anyone in govt, politics, media, business, entertainment, public life. Have criminal record (refer mother's ethnic details).

EDITING: Absolutely! Life is a work in progress. And shocking proof-reading.

COMMENTS: Don't get enough of them to warrant a policy.

AUTHENTICITY: This blog is NOT a "respected academic journal" nor "scholarly source." If you quote me in your exam, don't come crying to me with your failed results.

PHOTO: Are you kidding? I'll support our tourism industry by not scaring people away from Wellington/NZ.

PLAGIARISM: Go for your life! I try not to deliberately copy people, but if you wanna 'steal' anything of mine, feel free! Hey, us Maoris have been stealing off you for years :-)

TEMPLATE: I chose this one coz it had the widest text field (to avoid excess scrolling, or torturing eyeballs with small print). I agree the orange colour is PUTRID.

If I was a clever techie fulla, I'd design homepage with NZ flag, picture of a Kiwi, NZ map, and maybe a few nice squiggly Maori patterns somewhere.

Rugby's started...

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