Monday, November 28, 2005

Sacred Cows

Codswallop Alert: A 'study' by Akld Uni (most PC campus on planet) & WHO commies show kiwi women more prone to domestic violence than Japanese, Serbians & Brazilians. Because they never bother to analyse, research or rigorously critique matters, our alarmist kiwi media throws out disparate scare quotes in lieu of an actual 'story'. The obligatory Women's Refuge harpy, Anette Gillespie, chirps in:
"[earlier research shows] one in three women had experienced physical or sexual abuse"
Is this more nonsense like the outrageous "1 in 4 girls are raped by daddy" slander, the femi-nasties were propagating five years earlier? I'm cynical. She almost seems disappointed the figures weren't higher. She cites 'anecdotal evidence' (other refuges, most likely) and her broad, elastic definition of 'abuse' encompasses the very nebulously defined categories of 'psychological' and 'financial' abuse. Chief researcher, Janet Fanslow, exclaims,
"Urgent action was needed to tackle the issue of domestic violence in NZ"
and in doing so, brings her own academic motivations into question. Is she a legitimate scholar in the disinterested pursuit of knowledge, or a social activist using doubtful methodolgy & fudging figures to support a pet cause?

Good riddance!
The fancy-titled UN rapporteur will thankfully depart our shores. But not without dire warnings of imminent racial collapse. He frets over the perennial hard-luck statistics that show Maori lagging dolefully (pun intended) behind in income, education, health, crime and housing. Yet there's very little robust inquiry into 'how' or 'why' such conditions arise.
The unspoken implication - somehow, it's all whitey's fault! No mention of poor life choices made, indifference to educational achievement and excellence, appalling budgetary habits, contempt for the law, or lax work attitudes. The key to success, as every Maori achiever will tell you, is a determined combination of hard work, discipline, application & self-sacrifice. The truth is, too many bottom-heap Maori have an aversion to self-imposed austerity. As sad as their stories are, their failure is entirely their own.

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