Tuesday, November 22, 2005

NZPA are Big Girly Wimps

Well done, lads!
Fifty of our SAS boys will return after 6 month stint in Afghanistan. Atlhough Goff's media statement is pure puffery, it's still enough to swell your heart with pride:

"The SAS have played an important role in.. counter[ing] terrorism & restor[ing] stability to Afghanistan.. Their presence.. has been critical.. to constrain the influence of Al Qaeda & Taliban elements.. [and] helped ensure... the first-ever [Afghani] elections.. in September."

The militantly pacifist NZPA, as usual, gives undue prominence to the Greens. On cue, Keith Locke wets his pants:

"the operation appeared to be failing, with casualties & the level of insurgent activity growing despite a four-year campaign"
What an utter pantload! I revile the Greens not so much for their pacifism & incurable pessimism with blind refusal to see any benefits of military intervention, but for the lying and sophistry needed to justify their positions.

Good to see Auckland challenging Wellington for the title of NZ's Crap-art Capital. Two 12-metre high 'cusiniaire rods' with a token Maori name. Please! How is that meant to be aesthetically appealing? Or visually interesting? Or mentally stimulating? Or sensually arousing? It isn't! It's crap! And a lot of people just got ripped off funding this pitiful hoax by a no-talent con-artist.

I hope the local community has the last say - and it gets plastered with graffiti! At least bombing requires real artistic skill and craftmanship.
Update & "oops" moment: I've changed my mind. I like them now. See entry above.

because we've got nothing better to worry about...
Dried-up has-been & ARC member, Sandra Coney, up-in-arms over cartoon pukeko's glowing appraisal of the "nice birds" in town.
"Advertising shouldn't make jokes at the expense of women"
Ain't feminists just a barrel of laughs! The women's agency that produced the ad should run a 'get humour' campaign for their thin-skinned sisters still trapped in a grim 1970's man-hating time-warp. Is this really a priority for the ARC? Do Auckland's voters not have more pressing concerns?

In trying to inflame this non-story, the NZPA reveal their true selves as a herd of callow, vapid bubble-heads. Is a cartoon bird really newsworthy? Who gives a flying fig? Fluff-journalism at its most asinine!

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