Sunday, November 13, 2005

serene Sunday

the game they play in heaven
All Blacks hammer Ireland 45-7 in Dublin.
Shame they let in the late try. Shame I slept through it AND the replay this mornin' (a sign of l'Age d'Old methinks). Oh well, could've been worse I could've been an Ozzy. The Lucky Country not so fortunate crashing to a seventh consecutive defeat, 26-16 to England, their biggest losing streak in 36 years. That must be why they're seeking divine intervention.

no bias here...
Ridiculous ruminations about Gerry Brownlee's colleagues unhappy with their Maori affairs spokesman.
No actual names mentioned, no unhappy quotes or grumpy Nats cited, just insinuation & vague whisperings from anonymous disgruntled "sources." This is cheap rumour-mongering; disappointing from a political journo. Oh, I forgot - it's the Herald on Sunday. Well, there you go...

Could it be our msm are slowly cottoning on the threat of Islamic fascism? Cops becoming suspicious of Islamic fundraisers here in NZ. Lucky we live in "an incredibly benign strategic environment," eh Helen?

Reinforcing my disdain for the msm (& Helen) is last night's Qantas TV Awards.
Mark Sainsbury, head Clark-sycophant, gets Best Current Affairs Presenter. (The lengths they'll go to get get rid of their Sue Woods problem!) :-)
Marc Ellis, Most Popular Male Personality, evidence enough of our shallow talent pool. He's Sport's Cafe funniest presenter and deserves it for blokiness alone (& the lack of decent competition). I woulda picked Newsboy for his irreverent pranksterism & acutely perceptive intellectualism - The thinking man's comic.
Janet McIntyre - TV journalist of the year. Oh, gimme a break!

Perhaps that's why MPs are gunning for inquiries in to TVNZ. Both Finance & Expenditure and the Commerce select committees have numbers to demand an investigation into our shonky public broadcaster. Go, Rodney! I promise you my party vote in 2008... or sooner... hopefully ;-)

obstreperous obstetricians
Amid increasing chaos in our child birth services, 5% of midwives refuse to conduct proper internal examinations decrying it 'inappropriate' & an "invasion of privacy." Despite patient requests &
medical expertise accumulated over centuries, some midwives feel the procedure too "intrusive." Yeah, well come labour & birth time it's gonna feel pretty 'intrusive' alright! Can't believe these dipsticks are entrusted with delivering our pepi. When feminist & Maori ideologies trump science & technology we're regressing to shamanism & witch-doctoring.

more medical mishaps
Dr Pervert wants his job back after: [1] taking pics of his genitals, [2] downloading pics to work computer, and [3] sending to wrong e-mail address. The guy needs hospital care, preferably a lobotomy. Coz unless you're an on-line doctor specialising in do-it-yourself-urology, there can be no excusing. Luckily, my email's configured to not accept other people's "attachments."

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