Saturday, November 12, 2005


I Can't Believe...
  1. There wasn't ONE news article today that didn't p*ss me off enough to start moaning about it.
  2. It's been 5 days straight without ONE crybaby police-bashing article @ the NZH
  3. How much porn there is on the net & how many specialised categories of smut there is catering to all tastes. There's some sick puppies out there.
  4. Victoria University has 2 islamic prayer rooms. Why are we appeasing this death cult?
  5. Mike King's Penguin History of NZ was a best-seller. That is, I can't believe those that bought it managed to slog all the way through its numbingly tedious prose.
  6. The Home Detention scheme. How can staying in the relative freedom & luxury of your house be called "punishment"? What flakey weirdo thought up this scheme?
  7. I might not ever have kids :-( What a waste of my brilliant DNA! ;-)
  8. We import plums from California. Plums?!!? They're everywhere! They're practically a weed! Why import them from the other side of the world?
  9. The lionization of Achmed Zaoui, & the amount of $$$ & effort he's cost us. Send him home!
  10. How easy it is to ruin a cop's career by merely annoying the right people at National headquarters.

political 'I Can't Believe's...
  1. 40% of Kiwis voted for the Hag - after 6 long years of her.
  2. How many Maoris voted for her. You deserve your crappy lives!
  3. 5% voted Greens. 1 in 20 kiwis is a Major Fruitcake Painty-waist. Scary!
  4. Anyone thinks the US will amend foreign policy merely to accomodate our anti-nuke whims.
  5. Hone Harawira urging Maori to give Labour the party vote.
  6. Hone being sucked in by Shane Jones' "Nat scare" that lead to #5. Can't believe HH's gullibility & SJ's ruthless cunning.
  7. The Maori Party encouraging open immigration. Hello? Remember the 1800s?
  8. God allowed Phil Goff back after constantly dissing Israel.
  9. How sleazy Winston the Baubled One really is. (only slowly dawning on me - Duh!!)
  10. I voted National - 1st time ever. Ditto my sisters. I can't believe we're 'Tories' now :-) I can't believe I actually voted for Don "The Maori-Killer" ;-)

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