Sunday, November 06, 2005

thank my lucky (tv) stars

Finally, good news at the Herald! The insufferable (IMO) Ms Wood will no longer be gracing our screens after Dec 31. Hallelujah!
"her TVNZ contract.. bans her from speaking publicly"
I wished it banned her while speaking on-screen. I've never trusted her 'objectivity' since Undie-gate. She was overwrought when SFO announced that although Tuku was dodgy & sleazy, he wasn't criminal. All the TVNZ yapping-heads were crushed. All that time, money, effort & hype about a scandal that wasn't all that in the end.

Fast forward a few years and the upshot is that now, her smaller income means things might start getting louder domestically.
Hints for her kids. When mum starts shouting, remember:
  • it's not usually serious until she starts swearing
  • it's not that serious until she grabs something to whack you with
  • depending on age, you're probably fitter, faster, nimbler, and can out run her
  • lucky it's not the old man
  • if you manage to record it, some sleazy media outlet'll probably pay you for it. Good luck!

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