Monday, November 07, 2005

Not YOU again!!

Just go away...
Sue Woods has last laugh (so far) with her ERA victory, meaning she may be a TV presence for some time yet. You can take your i-pods off, kids!

Shouldn't really bag her; chief-Helenophile himself, Mark Sainsbury, would likely replace her. How indigestion-inducing! Which would only please that horrible old bag they call 'the PM', currently unhappy as the reputation of Labour's chief propaganda outlet becomes ever more sullied.

Just go away II...
Like a bout of recurring tinea, looks like Nandor Tanczos is back replacing Mr Donald (if he can pull his "distraught" self together, that is) not ony as an MP, but probably also as co-leader. Criminy! Not even the Greens deserve that! Rod's passing is tragic in more ways than one.

Just go away III...
Paying respectful tribute to Puti Murray and Rod Donald in his maiden speech, Hone Harawira reveals his gentle side. But only for a short while, before excoriating politicians far and wide:
"I have.. heard.. and seen.. the poor behaviour of.. those who would lead this nation, and I wonder at the childishness.. the point-scoring, the malicious statements.. the interruptions, the abuse, the chanting, and the sheer immaturity of.. debate"
For a minute there, I thought he was talking about marae meetings. Who'd have thought he had such tender sensibilities? Such genteel refinement! His sweet old mum must've brought him up real well.

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