Friday, November 11, 2005

the weekend at last...

There's our boy!
Rodney Hide seeks an
inquiry into TVNZ. About time:
"We've had the CEO quit but stay on full pay. . a very damaging court case with Susan Wood that TVNZ lost.. ratings slide, taxpayer value is lost,

"TVNZ is demoralised & directionless. It's the proper role of the finance & expenditure select committee to take an interest on behalf of the public of NZ in the investment and ongoing funding taxpayers provide to TVNZ."
Sing it, brother! There's quiet grumblings from the Nats, too. I'm with everyone who thinks we should just sell the dang thing. Odd this news hasn't been mentioned (yet) at TVNZ's news site.

Our new American ambassador has a sense of humour. Asked why he was appointed by the prez:
"I was the only guy he could find that was better looking than he was."
Well, he must be Fine Indeed if he's cuter than our Dubya :-)

Ouch!!... ...actually ...that wasn't so bad after all!
Guy roughed up by cops gets $10K in damages. Nice work if you can get it.

Southern Belles

Nutcase who 'accidentally' killed husband with 48 sleeping pills, recalls final words:
"He made a 'grrrererrerewre' noise,"
Parting is such sweet sorrow:
"I thought f**k - I better do something about it. So I got my spade and dug a hole."
What can ya say? Calm under duress? #8-wire kiwi ingenuity? Sounds like old-fashioned, cold-blooded scum, to me. They'll be plenty chances to dig holes in the gardens at Arohata. Go to jail, you loopy tart!

Te Hokinga Mai
Pania's back amid a flourish of fanfare. Napier's favourite daughter to receive formal welcome upon return. Unsure whether a powhiri will be included (or where Nat women will sit at such event).

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