Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wuzza matter, Winny?

Male-menopause? Why has Winston lost his bravado? Why the shameless courting of public approval? Is this part of a 'vulnerable' make-over to appeal to our natural kiwi empathy for victims and losers? And why oh why the wince-worthy self-pep talk - in full media glare, to boot!? That's pretty pathetic, even for a politican, even for Winny. Perhaps he realises that while he can get away with being a lying, scheming, phoney back home, it doesn't augur well on the international stage. The Orcland Herald has this exasperating quote:
"How about giving Winston Peters a second chance?"
How about: No Way you slimey, mendacious, self-serving, treacherous prat, who's been given far too many chances already. And you blew them! We don't trust you - you're scum! Although a highly evolved specimen of scum compared with the editorial writers at The NZH, DomPost & The Press. In his scrap with the msm, I'm cheering for the Baubled One (the lesser of two evils).

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