Friday, November 25, 2005

Don't shag the JAFAs!

Gay HIV epidemic up North with 1 new reported case every four days. 77% of new HIV cases are from Auckland/Northland. One advantage of having less than supermodel looks is it lessens chances of Close Encounters of the AIDS kind. My only advice: Keep your pants on north of the Bombays. So that's why it's called "Tamaki-makau-rau" (Tamaki of a thousand lovers).

oh, stop being a crybaby!
Chris Moller, NZRU topdog pouts up a storm over Ozzy's vote for Japan re 2011 Rugby World Cup.
"the wounds of that disappointment will not heal easily"
Get over yourself, ya big sook! It's Thanksgiving Day. Be grateful that:

  • We're the 2011 hosts
  • We've won back the Tri-Nations
  • We retained the Bledisloe
  • We're about to complete a grand slam tour of GB&I
Who gizza toss about the Austrayans? Their rugby sucks at the moment. What is it so far? 7 losses on the trot? Yikes, demote them to rugby minnow-hood status! Not worth cryin' over, Mr Moller.

You know you're complacent when... your biggest worry is your karaoke choice before a rugby test. Personally, I like ka mate, ka mate best. The whole violent-throat-slashing-movement hoohah is a silly distraction; haka is meant to be violent & to intimidate. Perhaps they're confusing it with Swan Lake.

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