Saturday, December 10, 2005

aerial attack

NZ to get armed air marshalls to police kiwi skies. Sheesh, the lengths they'll go to protect unattended kids from male paedophiles! Bet our Air Force is jealous they're not allowed guns. Predict a noticeable rise in levels of passenger courtesy and civility.

Get Bono on the phone!
Help needed to convince prez Bush the US should acquiesce to global warming-nutters. Ever eager to blame Dubya for everything, dishonest (or clueless) author fails to state the US Senate voted down Kyoto (95-0) under president Clinton's watch. To now portray Bubba as a Greeny Good Guy is ludicrous, truth-defying spin unparalleled anywhere on earth (save the Beehive's 9th floor). Then again, this is the Independent - a paper so left it makes our NZH look like a buncha crusty reactionary fogies. "Pfft!" as they say.

Let your fingers do the stealing...
More evidence of mass, nationwide educational failure with news of Complete Imbecile trying to rob bank by phone. Article doesn't mention ethnicity, but the betting money is definitely on One o' the Bro's. Who else is (1) stupid enough to come up with idea (2) dumb enough to go through with it (3) idiotic enough to think they'd get away with it, & (4) too lazy to hold up bank the conventional way? I swear us Maoris give criminality a bad name, sometimes.

Speaking of theft, how's those PC grinches stealing Christmas? The national hysteria with sex abuse so deeply entrenched now, there's a scarcity of shopping-mall Santas. One complex manager nervously opines:
"we've got to get it in perspective relative to today, and not say, because someone sat on Santa's knee 10 years ago & they are not allowed to sit on Santa's knee now, the world's gone mad"
Apart from being much too old to sit on St Nic these days, that's exactly what we're saying.
I'm afraid we are going mad. When every male airplane passenger, school teacher & Santa is nothing more than a potential kid-rapist, we've abandoned not just 'perspective,' we've lost our collective sanity. As protest, I refuse to shop at Santa-less stores.

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