Saturday, December 10, 2005


Sad Farewell to Two Outstanding Kiwi Blogs.

The Radical Tory calls it a day due to failing health. Bless you, Mr 'Pitt', with heartfelt and humble gratitude for your services to our increasingly secular nation that needs all the God we can get. Your challenging, passionate, learned, erudite & incisive observations have inspired & rekindled my faith more than you'll ever know. You will be deeply missed! May you regain good health! You remain in my thoughts, heart & prayers.

The inimitable Cathy Odgers, blog luminary, dispenser of folk-wisdom, and sheer hard-case whose punchy writings are more invigorating than a tray of expressos, has likewise pulled the plug. All, however, may not be lost. She explains her predicament to DPF with the tantalising prospect of undergoing blog-makeover to resurface with nom-de-plume. Attagirl, Cathy! Hurry back! The withdrawal symptoms have already begun!

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