Wednesday, December 07, 2005

back again - tada!!

Stinking hot day today in beautiful Wellington. Puter's nearly fixed (I think). Ozzies are smashing us in cricket again, ho hum. Andrew Symonds had a good whack. Didn't see any of it - phew!

Update: Good come back, kiwis! Almost! Never doubted ya! :-)

Waste of space article of the month
The one constant of NZ journos is their interminable rehashing of
news about the boring old media themselves. In an article so pathetic, the author was too shamed to leave name, the Bailey saga is re-masticated for the umpteenth time. Poor Jude, the mother of our nation getting euthanised. Oh well, I hope the parliamentary inquiry into TVNZ asks the question we've all been wondering: why are there no more Miss World & Universe pageants on anymore?

Te Wananga
This is a Donna Awatere falling-from-grace on an institutional level. A gargantuan tragedy in so many ways. With Cullen sounding so feather-ruffled, Rongo's holiday's looks over. If the old man digs in his heels, the Hag might have to weigh in to heavy him out. In which case, I'll cheer for Mr Wetere! Gotta know who your real enemies are ;-) Cullen gets mugged by reality:
"The excuse that somehow or other this is consistent with Tikanga Maori I think is one that the vast majority of Maori will say 'that revolts me because it is not the way I would expect to behave.."
Surprise! We're dodgy! Frankly, I'm amazed anyone in this day & age doesn't demand DOUBLE accountability whenever Maori & large sums of $$ are involved. Does not the record speak for itself? In that sense, what also 'revolts' me is Labour's dithery dimwits who kept shovelling cash into the furnace. Duh!

Fair dinkum Ozzy battler
John Howard gets his anti-terrorism laws pushed through. Starting to really like him; becoming more Dubya-esque all the time. Thank goddness he knows we don't live in a benign strategic environment. Why couldn't he be our PM?

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Cullen is to slime what Mahaey is to smarm. At least Drongo Wetere is an honest crook.