Thursday, December 08, 2005

Smile, it's Christmas!

Afghan Cheer
The nation's first ever ABC survey shows overwhelming confidence & optimism in Afghanistan's future. Despite considerable ongoing hardships, 87% of 1,039 adults polled support the ousting of the Taleban with 77% believing the country heading in right direction. Thank you, Mr Bush! Thank you, Armed Forces! No thanks to Keith Locke, the Greens, the protesters & peaceniks who opposed the Taleban overthrow.

Get well soon, Lady Thatcher! Britain's Ferrous Femme in hospital overnight.
"She was taken into hospital this afternoon after feeling faint"
Probably just contemplating the UK's fate since she left office. Probably also reacting to new Tory leader's tactics of voting WITH Blair's govt.

Stupid Cow Alert:
Another obsessive feminist with a 'rape fetish'. Andrea Black, from Rape Crisis moaning that Akld billboards depicting prison assault might upset male ex-cons.
"it puts the blame on the victim, with the message that it is your own fault if you take illegal drugs and end up in prison being raped"
If you take drugs-It's Your Own Fault! If dumb enough to get caught-IYOF! If greedy enough to be caught with enough stash to be sent to prison-IYOF! And if you aint tough enough to fight off predators inside; who's fault is that? And why ANY sympathy for prison low-lifes (including rapists) in the first instance? And if so fragile as to be 'traumatised' by a freakin' billboard fergoodnessake! - there's no one to blame but yourself.

Don't try this at home
US Air Marshalls shoot idiot with a death wish who lied about having a bomb at airport. Not mucking around, they,
"acted exactly as.. trained to in the aftermath of the Sept 11..
"That's exactly what you want an air marshal to do"
Nice aim, guys! Let's keep our airlines safe and our gene-pool clean! RIP, Dopey.

Seasons Greetings, Mr O'Connor, with cops getting 1000 more frontline officers as promised by Lab/NZF coalition agreement. Merry Xmas, NZH staff! 1000 new targets!

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