Sunday, December 04, 2005

business as usual

Day of shame
Black Caps humbled by the 'Stralians in opening one-dayer. Chasing 253, they struggled to a pitiful 105 before dismissal in the 28th over. You'd think coz we're such woofters that we'd excel at girly games. Thankfully cricket isn't a Real Sport that anyone takes seriously.

Does anyone know what the heck Hone Harawira's prattling on about?
"Maori have been treated like terrorists for nearly 200 years"
Considering who he is, no one expects clarity, reasoned argument or profound insights. But really! Does Annette Sykes write his speeches? Compelling evidence of rampant glue-sniffing afflicting Parliament.

Pushy, agenda-driven, activist moonlighting as Wellington doctor scolds us for our rotundity. Robyn Toomath, spokes-critter for Fight the Obesity Epidemic, insists:
the only way of stopping the bulge in numbers is to "re-engineer society"
And therein exposes true nature & motivations: another busy-body with axe to grind wanting to intrude into others' personal lives because of pet whacko cause. Fat lot of good it'll do, but let's send chocolates anyway as token of appreciation for her concern.

TVNZ turnover
Affable Simon Dallow could be quitting evening newsreading before even starting as national broadcaster continues its revolving-door employment policy. Bad news is we'll be stuck with Wendy; good news is she's far cheaper than incumbent.
"[Dallow & Petrie's] combined pay packets come to about half of the $800,000 salary Bailey received"
That's about right: 1 Judy's worth at least 4 of that lightweight air-head blonde whose only discernible skill is vacantly smiling with vague look in crossed-eyes. Talk about "dumbing down the news." Simon might be off to Seedny, wonder if we could swap him for Peter FitzS?

Where's our Tall Poppy Syndrome when you really need it?
Desperately needing cutting down to size is rag doll, Trelise Cooper, in hyper-tanty mode over fellow designer with like handle. TASMIN
[spelled "t-a-s-m-i-n"] Cooper is being SUED by vicious moniker-nazi for daring to label clothes with own name. Where does Trelise get off? Who does Ms Cooper think she is?
"I've been Tamsin Cooper longer than she's been Trelise Cooper - I was born with that name. She got married and changed hers," said Tamsin, 30"
You tell her, Tasmin! (see? I can tell your names apart) Give yourself an *attaboy*, give Trelise the *fingers* & watch out for those sharp tailor's scissors when walking past her at fashion doos.

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Jack Yan said...

Phil, you may be disappointed to know that the Trelise Cooper case has been escalated to the High Court … Oh, the defendant is Tamsin, not Tasmin, Cooper.