Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas messages

God Bless America!
Harris poll finds 82% of Americans believe in God
. 70% profess Jesus to be his son. A quarter have faith in astrology & a third bear witness to UFOs.
"Six out of 10 said there is a devil & hell exists as well, the poll revealed."
Looks like Helen Clark's US tour touting NZ tourism was a roaring success. Seems she's ensconced herself in the minds of mainstream Americans.

God Save Our Gracious Queen (Liz, not Helen) who's none too happy with the election result & coalition arrangments either, describing 2005 a "terrible" year. Her annual Christmas speech lacking festive cheer with HRH recounting the year's disasters and other bleak matters. Cheer up, Your Majesty, at least you don't have to live here under Helen's Reign of Terror. Count yourself fortunate!

The Pope is more upbeat in his first Christmas Day message, warning of spiritual barreness in our enlightened, secular age. He cautions against
the limits of human rationalism:
"the light of reason is not sufficient to enlighten humanity and the world"
Bless you, El Papa! Very wise counsel & a profound human truth that man can not live on bread - & logic - alone.

"Keep out or we'll shoot you" is the sage advice from Ariel Sharon to Palestinian terrorists. Establishing no-go zone in Northern Gaza to halt rocket attacks on nearby Ashkelon, the Israelis sends a clear message to Islamic Jihad: "your leaders are targeted for assassination." Sometimes, logic & reason having failed, the only method of communicating with a death cult is to kill them. Happy hunting, Israel!

Dreaming of a 'white' Christmas?
Yowzah! Canuck Columnist, Jeff Gardner, controversially mulls Morgan Freeman's message on alleviating problematic race relations. Summing up a generation of 'ethnicity' dialogue:
"If we want to end racism, we need to quit talking about it"
Simplistic soundbite sweeping age-old inter-racial grievances under carpet? Or necessary salve to soothe racial qualms assuming out-of-proportion, migraine-inducing over-importance? You decide.

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