Monday, December 26, 2005

nocturnal emissions

wet dreams
The NZHerald limp-wrists are tossing themselves, fantasizing about impeaching President Bush. Gee, their Xmas goodwill didn't last long! What's so wanky is the pathetic wimps can't even write their own bilge, having to import it from leftist Brit rags. I thought commies weren't religious! Well, whaddaya know, here they are praying for Dubya's demise. In your dreams, woofters! It's NOT gonna happen. Go back to sleep.

Likewise in lullabyland, a Baptist Pastor rudely awakened to perils of teen texting.
Good Shepherd thunders with righteous fury against cussing, dirty-deeds & come-ons of horny thumb-twiddlers. Lucky he hasn't seen the internet yet! Perhaps I should txt him a msg - REMINDER: you're (supposed to be): an Adult, the Parent, in Charge. Your Choice: don't buy kids a mobile & confiscate exisiting phones, or just get jiggy with it... What Would Jesus Do?

"Death to Israel..." reads the subtext of NZHerald repeating major tearjerker about how crappy palestinian childhood is, brutally suppressed by
Evil Zionist Occupiers. The terrorist-hugging fourth estate, only obliquely refering to the Intifada, are careful to avoid mention of "traumatisation" borne of mass, systemic anti-Semitic indoctrination from infancy, that routinely exhorts wiping Israel off the map and the complete genocide of Jews. The Pali's can pound sand for all I care, or go back to Jordan. The Herald's raghead appeasers should join 'em.

Judicial appeasers should
similarly ship out. Clueless Wellington judge coddles Iraqi, previously jailed with long history of sexual attacks, for assaulting two girls. Granting leave for home detention & deferred sentencing on 'humanitarian grounds' - she should be impeached for endangering women by letting this predator loose. Deport this dangerous pervert at once to the flea-ridden hell-hole from which he sought refuge (not the first time our 'humanitarian' cluelessness has returned to bite us in the a*se). What d'ya expect from Middle East savages? What d'ya expect from Dopey Wellington Women judges?

One smart gal with no delusions about muslim misogyny is Phyllis Chesler, berating Western media & academe for hypocrisy & cowardice in refusing to criticise, much less confront, the appalling mistreatment of islamic women. Our champions of liberty & free-speech remarkably silent about this War on Women. Paralysed by ethical posturing, confused by own racial rhetoric, & embittered by reflexive Bush-loathing, the Left can't speak up for fear of being thought 'racist'. Their ideological contortions find them bogged in a moral quagmire. What Would Sandra Coney Do? ('tip

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I've often wondered why The Sisterhood shows so much support for the Clit Clippers. Maybe its because, unlike the Head Hackers, the Clit Clippers don't broadcast videos on Al Jazeera.