Monday, December 05, 2005

Don't believe everything you read

No, I'm not talking 'bout the NZ Herald - although the dictum most surely applies - but Wikipedia. The NYTimes (hardly a beacon of truth, itself) on the reliability of our online free-for-all repository of "knowledge."

Hmm, which makes ya think... I might now 'reinvent' myself on Wikipedia. Future online historians will learn I was an All Black legend, globally acclaimed performing artist & all-round outstanding NZer who single-handedly saved our country from ruin. Yes, I like the new me! Go, Wikipedia!

What a relief to hear our Education Minister promise us our exam system is working. So those hundreds of scripts needing re-marking, constantly amended marking schedules, ideological U-turns in assessment philosophy, and firings of NCEA top-brass, are all indicators of a healthy, functioning testing regime, huh?
(Sigh!!) Pray for our poor kids, who hardly deserve to be lumbered with - and will suffer because of - this colossal failure borne of pedagogical bloody-mindedness,
intellectual arrogance, and political hubris.

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noizy said...

I don't get it. A guy discovers his bio is incorrect, gets it updated, and now all is well. Isn't that the way Wikipedia is supposed to work?