Monday, December 05, 2005

Stay home, bludger!

YOUR taxmoney
Governor General has cost us $270K this year on 7 overseas jaunts. Apparently the role has become far more jet-setting under Dame Silvia. Stepping outside traditional duties, it's now customary for GG to go on trips "focused on strengthening bilateral relations." G-House spokesperson unconvincingly tries to reassure us:
"the benefits to NZ were substantial...
"She has a real way of representing NZ.. has a warm manner..
"her visits bring massive benefits to NZ"
Name one significant tangible benefit that can justify this atrocious waste of money! The PM's Dept already admits the visits are "symbolic" & "emphasise person-to-person relationships." In other words "pointless" & "chance to catch up with old friends"? I can't stand our GG, to be honest. A freeloader of Jonathan Hunt magnitude.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

HAs she not recently been appointed to some terribly terribly important international embroidery group? That's what the trips were all about.