Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

My favourite Iranian, Amir Taheri, on why 2005 wasn't that gloomy in retrospect... [even if pig-dog Clark got re-elected.] Hailing successes in Iraq & Afghanistan (thanks, Mr Bush!) and irrepressibly optimistic about the future of the Middle East, Europe & world affairs, Mr Taheri - who is no starry-eyed idealist - prescribes an invigorating antidote to the 24/7 mayhem & misery churned out by msm naysayers. Happy New Year, Amir!

Our Labour-coalition Media, TV1 & NZH, attempt to set the national agenda claiming 77% think yacking on phone while driving should be banned. Most likely a bogus poll [consider source -
no margin of error, confidence level, sampling size, methodology etc mentioned] that was repeated on teletext & sure to be given maximum msm coverage. Meddling busy-body control freaks planning to strip liberties, one by one, for our own good, whether we want it or not. God bless totalitarianism. Methinks lefty do-gooders (psychologically) never got over trauma of separation from safety of womb, & seek state to act as all-encompassing surrogate parent for protection.

NZ's Gay Awards for 2005... (in the absence of any real news)
Hall of Fame: Politicians Maryan Street & Pita Sharples [not too sure he'll be happy with that 'honour']; Linda Le Pou, feisty queen who stood ground at Pacifica awards; Wgtn's first civil union couple; Drag Queen of the Universe winner; AIDS foundation staff; a comic; a theatre director; an activist; and two TV dykes.

Hall of Shame: Politicians Wayne Mapp, Gordon Copeland & Winny (hehe); Graeme Caphill [who should be on everyone's shame list]; Maxim's Greg Flemming & Bruce Logan; the Brethrens [funny they don't list any muslims - we all know how Mohammedans treat GLBTs]; Alan Duff - fast becoming anti-PC icon; AIDS foundation board; a gay murderer; & even a gay spokesman [obviously an independent thinker who refused to tow party line].

These award dispensers deserve a trophy themselves - for hypocrisy:
"Gay NZers & our issues have been attacked mercifully [sic] & frequently, often to further the private agendas of religious & political leaders & would-be leaders.."
Laughable since the most blinkered, strident, intolerant, single-issue activists are Queers themselves. Odd how the rhetoric of Gays, feminists, Maori separatists, etc.. all sounds so very familiar. You could substitute the words "women", "Maori", "immigrant" or any 'minority' for the word "Gay" that begins the above quote, and it would still sound like the same sappy, self-pitying, neurotic screed we've all heard a million times too often. Plunging further into the mire of denial, delusion & victim psychosis:
"resources of the glbt community would've been better used 100% targeting the troubling increase in new local HIV infections amongst gay men, which New Zealand has in common with many other western nations... but we've distracted by the acid of homophobia which continues to gnaw away at some sectors of NZ society"
As if AIDS were an epidemic borne of prejudice rather than viral transmission, most commonly through unprotected sex, particularly via tiny ruptures in delicate anal tissue. HIV in the contemporary West is almost entirely preventable by taking responsibility for one's own social habits. Shagging, not homophobia, spreads STDs - an no amount of political sloganeering or activism can change that biological fact.

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