Friday, December 30, 2005

So long, Schmucks!

Good riddance
Farewell, Defence Force Head, Bruce Ferguson, after four years of blundering incompetence, bullying subordinates and belligerent dismantling of our once proud forces. No wonder Labour appointed him! The idiot bristles at being called a govt "toadie" then procedes to bash the Nats & kiss Helen's pimply cellulite-laden butt. So, time to pick a new Armed Forces boss. Knowing our PC Labourites, we'll probably get a woman or a gay (or both) - no military experience necessary (recall our 'civilian' deputy Police Commissioner's appointment). We will not, however, get a Maori! After the Wananga, Winny & Waipareira wiles, even Helen's cottoned on to hazards of hiring Horis in high places: scandal-magnets, abominable book-keeping and much too darn expensive!

See you at your funeral...
Also due for retirement (and hopefully an early grave) is country's Top Liar, Mike Munro, press secretary for nation's 2nd Top Liar, painter & hooning rugby fan, Helen Clark. With oxygen-deprived brain from breathing Beehive's rareified air, he explains long succession of Govt cock-ups as failure to properly massage media's messages. His job, no doubt, made easier by jejune journalists & parochial press saluting the socialist assault on our erstwhile institutions. Wouldn't it be sweet justice to later find Mike mauled (or murdered) by mob of mental health patients? - the legacy of Labour's ill-conceived closures of community care units.

murderous medics
Perhaps Mr Munro should consult Dr Nitschke for prescription pills. The Compost DomPost agog with admiration for Oz euthanasist with blueprint for barbiturated body-count. Further proof that leading cause of death are doctors themselves. Endangered kiwis struggle to survive the coven of callous caregivers. Only the lucky avoid ardent abortionists, negotiate negligent nurses (and life-threatening operation botch-ups) to eventually be confronted with kaumatua-killers. Our phalanx of phoney physicians should phuck off! The demented doctor needs dose of own medicine!

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