Sunday, December 11, 2005

Is Cereal Man a Dog's Breakfast?

Christine Rankin ponders Auckland Mayoralty
I was just winding up to a big ranty bleat about a ditzy, blond, over-rated, job-losing, greedy Govt-suing, over-exposed has-been who couldn't even keep her blouses buttoned up, when I read she is politically right-wing! Hoorah, Ms Rankin! I wish you every success in all future endeavours!

Wonder if Hubbard's quaking in his muesli? Wonder what the NBR think? Those who know me attest to my unearthly psychic abilities. During the last Auckland Mayoralty campaign I strongly "intuited" antagonism towards current mayor from Mr Gibson's paper. It came in a flash... a vision.. and then suddenly gone... BOOF!!... just like that!

Oh, but you probably don't believe in all that superstitious mumbo-jumbo anyway, so I won't go on...

name dropping
Iconoclast, cynic-extraordinaire & national treasure, Rose McLeod, casts an unimpressed eye over tasteless development & nominal frenzy enveloping Wellington's iconic landmarks. With weary disdain she scoffs uncharitably:
"It always pleases me when those vanity-named streets turn to rack and rickety ruin, peopled by limping rottweilers, and gang prospects idly letting down the car tyres of social workers"
And proves that grumpiness never goes out of style.

Go anagram yourself at one of those wunnerful, barely useful, online time-waters Enter name & click to discover all possible permutations.

Example: Wellington =>
  • Lentil gown
  • Tell wing no
  • We'll gin not
  • Let long win
  • We long lint... etc, etc
('tip Cabana Boy)


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