Monday, December 12, 2005

Winston second?

Parliamentary catwalk collision as John Harawira bumps Winston off the runway to establish himself as new High Priest of Maori Couture. The debonaire trend-setting MP for Te Taitokerau set parliamentary pulses & the fashion-world aflame with pioneering cravat-like tie wearing.

Must admit, the boy scrubs up pretty well. Bonus points for daring and revolutionary accessorising flair. All he needs now is the facial. Smile Hone, it does wonders in not freaking people out. Coz until then, the adage still applies: You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still an Annette Sykes.

What others are saying

"He bought that tie from my aunty who runs the Te Reo Maori and tie-making courses."
~ Te Wananga employee

"I'm not allowed to wear a tie like that at powhiris and it makes me feel like a second-class citizen."
~ Judith Collins

"The question we're all asking is did the tie cost $87? And who paid for it?"
~ Susan Woods

"It represents a watershed for Our People oppressed by 150 years of colonial fashion imperialism."
~ Tariana Turia

"It will lead to more domestic abuse as financially burdened women struggle to buy ties for husbands engendering more male violence against women & children."
~ Womens' Refuge Spokewoman

"Sh*t! Now we're gonna have to find another reason for not allowing him on our premises."
~ Wellington Pub Owner

"Dahhling, you look faaabulous!"
~ Anonymous drag-queen #1

"Girl, you look TRAAAgic!"
~ Anonymous drag-queen #2

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