Saturday, December 24, 2005

just noticed...

TVOne's People's Choice: Top News Stories. TVNZ reveal their bias. Example:

Choice Number Three - "Clark wins 'Historic' three-peat"

[1] they always use that H-word to describe Hero Helen
[2] they impugn the Nats, by (gratuitously) reminding us of Clarkson's nonsense charge of sexual harassment, &
[3] they're still sore about...
"Act leader Rodney Hide winning his Epsom seat - something that no political commentator/journalist in the country believed could happen."
That should read: "something that no political commentator/journalist in the country wanted to happen, and hoped like hell wouldn't happen, and did all they could to make sure wouldn't happen."

I'm glad Rodney got to stick it to 'em. Like that stupid tart Sunday* Times editor openly wishing in a NZHerald column that ACT would disappear. What does that say for her paper's partiality & objectivity? Sure, a journo can be a lefty, but must they so brazenly declare it in public? We can no longer trust a single word the SST prints now they're so openly aligned with Queen Helz.

Our entire msm is corrupt; its political parochialism incredible. Not because it's always so blatant (often it's subtle, near imperceptibly imbedded in the tone and/or the text of the commentary), but because it's so Omnipresent: TV, papers, radio, internet. Thank God for the blogosphere - the last refuge from Labour's Spin Machine.

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Heine said...

Not forgetting their union thats fully aligned with the Labour party... the same union who were committed to never letting National in power.

Rodney did great to keep ACT in Govt, I hope 2006 brings more good luck to him.