Saturday, December 24, 2005

mixed feelings

Dunno what to make of Judy Bailey leaving. OTOH, inarguably a TV icon, possibly most famous, most recognised kiwi dote & longest serving news anchor in history. A career noteworthy not just for longevity but more remarkably, free of public scandal (salary aside). Her tenure, at least, has been dignified - properly befitting a public figure.OTOH, she's complicit with TV1 for Crimes of Mass Propaganda. The network's flagrant promotion of pacifism, enviro-nonsense, anti-Americanism, Labour's special interests (unionism, homosexuality, feminism, wealth distribution) & other left wing perversions - all the while masquerading as news - is inexcusable and unforgiveable. Her editor, Paul Yurisich, is off to Al-Jazeera - which could explain network's loving embrace of Achmed Zaoui, Iraqi "insurgents", exploding islamic "militants" & those poor Abu Ghraib terrorists with panty headwear.

Maybe Yurisich will report on Mullahs stamping out decadent western culture, or the parallel explosion of 100,000 Iranian Blogs making Farsi the 2nd-equal (with French) most spoken blog language globally. Impressive stats from the Republic:
"More than 90% of country is literate, 70% of.. citizens are under 30. Computer ownership is relatively high & internet caf├ęs abound... Net usage is growing faster in Iran than anywhere in.. the Middle East & there are now more blogs in Farsi than in German, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Chinese"
Could augur the mobilisation and noble uprising of brutally oppressed masses yearning for freedom and dignity. Or maybe it's just a 100,000 strong mob typing, "Death to America" and other crowd favourites.

perhaps they have a point...
I really do like Americans... except when they pick on Kiwis. So I'm profoundly distressed to learn Nick Smith's being sued by a US chemical company for uttering unflattering comments. Bloody prom queens! Obviously these Yanks unfamiliar with (spirit of) their own First Amendment. Were it a Labour MP, I'd be cheering for the 'Murricans, but since Nick's a Nat (de facto good-guys) his legal/judicial immunity is not assured. Let's hope Madge Wilson's cronies appointees go easy on him. As for those litigation loving low-lifes, if the chemical Co win, I'm never eating McDonalds again. Maybe all sympathetic kiwi blogs should also publish Mr Smith's offending statements - come try and sue the lot of us! They can sue me til they're blue in the face. I'm broke; if you want yo' money, please join the queue... Breath-holding not recommended.
('tip DPF)

Food for thought: If NZ declared war on the US (yeah, I know - probably not the smartest idea) Who would the Australians side with? What Would Howard Do?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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