Tuesday, December 27, 2005

just say no!

cheeky buggers
LOL at the BNZ asking staff to promote bank over holidays. Personally, I've nothing against asking employees to cheer for the team. Why are the staff moaning about it? It's just an e-mail. Ignore it if you want. Just go, "yeah, yeah, yeah" at work, then do nothing. We're a nation of sickie-takers, surely one more boss-fooling 'indiscretion' shouldn't be too hard. If BNZ wants to attract business, they should change their lending rates & interest rates. Nothing their staff says will matter to anyone with an eye for figures. Actions speak louder than words.

Howard's fault
Ditz posing as journo bemoans paradise lost and heavy police presence at Sydney beaches. Dopey can't see that those same coppers also prevent her (and other dippy white female beach-goers) from being gang-raped "Leb" style.
"While white Australians have (grudgingly) accepted waves of post-war immigrants... they have found it harder to stomach the Muslims who have arrived more recently"
That's coz it's hard to sympathise with a blood-thirsty religion still trapped in the 11th Century that treats women like cattle, has never co-existed peacefully with other faiths, and intends to enslave entire world (murderously if necessary) under sharia law. But no, dipstick instead blames PM for not teaching terrorist time-bombs the lingo. There is hope:
"After living in Sydney for six years, I know [there's] crime, deprivation and simmering racial tensions"
Maybe in another 6 years it'll dawn on her that espousing pat white liberal multicultural slogans does nothing to curb human hatred nor stop middle-eastern pack-rapists.

dangerous driving
Wreckless young oaf deliberately parks car inside historic Treaty House. Arrested for a number of offences including:
assault, wilful damage, dangerous driving, assaulting police, aggravated assault & threatening to kill
Sounds charming! I'm outraged... at his dismal ignorance of NZ history! It's not February 6 yet and much too early to begin Waitangi Day celebrations. Betcha Mike Smith's crew are gonna be riled they didn't come up with idea first.

southern hospitality
Telling evidence that Sth Islanders are uncultured with unruly mob causing havoc in Alexandra. 50-odd (and I do mean "odd") outta-town yobs with too much time & petrol money on hands come calling to create mayhem where none exists. The locals display admirable fortitude and kick foreign invaders' butts. Thank goodness at least one small town's retains the kiwi self-help ethos. Were it Wgtn, we'd commission lots of reports & inquiries while holding candle-lit vigils, waving "peace" banners with wide-eyed liberal impotence.

knock & the door shall be opened...
evangelicals (with quite literal reading of Matthew 7:7) conduct door-to-door campaign hoping to fill church pews as worshippers stay away in droves. I can only vouch for Anglicans, but I've lost faith with Priests sermonizing on temporal matters such as: debt relief for 3rd world nations; gay marriage; Dubya's "immoral" war; or discussing Bible's 'policies' (as if it were business document) etc, etc. Consequently, I now avoid the CoE like the plague; treat their Reverends as lepers. Do-gooder activists disguised as clergy preaching wayward liberal pabulum should roast in you-know-where, imo. Am seriously thinking of becoming Catholic. I know I'd be a terrible one, just like I'm a terrible Anglican. But at least I'd have a church based on religion and not mushy left-wing sentimentality.

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