Tuesday, December 27, 2005

articles we won't see in NZ's media

bureaucracy aint cheap
The thieving United Nations work overtime to siphon off ONE THIRD of Tsunami aid money.
Cheeky Darky probably needs a new Armani. This is scandalous administration run amok, that even our Labour govt would struggle to match. All the more outrageous since our Kofi-loving journalist idiots will bury this story. Mark Steyn, as usual, has a brilliant take on the great big bonfire of Western humanitarian cash.

RIP, Kyoto
The Washington Times' rascally, right-wing, republicans (bless 'em) read that silly, unworkable Global Warming Treaty its obituary. Hope the Greens don't read this - they'll be crying in their organic beer. Hope Hel's Pals, Winny & Pete, do - and dump this foolish, expensive, economically suicidal, world-wide hoax.

Great Wall of Graft
Reports that Beijing officials embezzled 290 billion yuan (about $NZ 50B). Since communism is basically the Ultimate Govt Theft, it doesn't surprise.
Unsurprising, too, is our msm asleep at the wheel re this extremely news-worthy story. But since lies, deceit, kick-backs & bribes are all part of NZ media's "culture of dishonesty" it's perhaps a mere radar blip gone unnoticed. Or maybe they're too durn busy bashing American misdeeds instead.

"Corruption was endemic.. [the] OECD said corruption represented 3-5 % of China's GDP"
No wonder our own Commie Party, Labour, are so keen to get a free-trade deal, they share the same business language and customs. Mr Cullen might yet find use for our record surpluses.

Sacre bleu!
Those repulsive Frogs again, under the judicial spotlight for aiding & abetting mass-murder in 1994 Rwanda massacres. We all know they're a bunch of unwashed, smelly, white-flag waving poltroons, but this is dastardly, even by their usual morally depraved standards.
"The 2500-strong French peacekeeping force... is accused not only of failing to stop the genocide, but also of actively participating in it"
Is anyone surprised the arrogant, perfidious, garlic-breathed snail-eaters are guilty of Crimes against Humanity and are attempting worm-like to slither away from culpability? When the next wave of car-bombing and riots erupt in Gay Paree, I'm cheering for the muslims. Go get 'em, Achmed!

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