Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let God sort 'em out

Thank you, President Bush, that another muslim scumbag has bit the dust. Al Qaeda #3, Abu Hamza Rabia, is taking his dirt nap in Pakistan. Officials confirm death but accounts differ as to exactly how he expired (or where he'll spend afterlife). Locals claim to have witnessed an "unmanned aerial vehicle fire a missile on his house," which strongly suggests our US buddies deserve the credit. Thanks, Uncle Sam! God bless America!

Just what we need! A calendar with photos featuring the erotic scenes from the Bible. An approving German pastor thinks,
"It's just wonderful when teenagers commit themselves with their hair and their skin to the bible"
Aren't you supposed to commit yourself with 'heart & soul' to the Good Book? Talk about a serious case of missing the point. Clearly, message of "spiritual transcendence" is lost on these folk. Seems nobody's read as far as Genesis, chpt 3. If not so distracted by peers' craven exhibitionism, maybe they'd learn the lessons of chastity.

Catholics considering abolishing limbo.
Bound to unleash a ton of theological dispute. Interesting (brief) history of RCC's view of afterlife. Refreshing to read a well written article, an increasing rarity. NZPA, take notice! This is what journalism looks like.

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