Wednesday, December 14, 2005


He won't do that again...
Stan "Tookie" Williams becomes the 1000th scumbag executed in the States since the welcome return of Capital Punishment in 1976. Unusual for the (usually lenient) California, the Governor 'terminated' his final appeal for clemency. Expect an outpouring of liberal grief for the cold-blooded killer who murdered four innocents in 1979. The very same teeth-gnashers who probably never shed a tear nor condolatory thought for the victims or their families.

Update: Tookie is actually the 1001st death-row success story ('tip Kelvin).

ruled offside
The greedy NZ Rugby Union stymied by common sense judge (who knew we had any?) in their bid to own, control, exploit, and exclusively profit from our national icons that rightfully BELONG TO ALL KIWIS. First it was the haka, now it's the Silver Fern, what next? "Po Karekare Ana"? Get a grip, Mr Tew, and stop that distasteful mouth twitching thing you do when talking on TV.

Thank you, best US president ever, Mr. G. W. Bush, for ignoring enviro-crazies trying to wreck the world's economy becoz of their drug-addled socialist visions of ecological utopia. Thanks also, coz without even knowing it, you've got the NZH all panty-knotted, and I love watching screaming toddlers stamp their feet.

Oooh Yuck, give him the Tookie treatment!
A Labour voter busted in the US for self-pleasurement while driving in San Diego. He'll spend 1 year inside for sex offences. He should also be charged for Wreckless Driving. It's incredibly dangerous to wank & drive (unless you're in an automatic). I'm not saying driving shouldn't be a pleasurable experience, but Come On...!
Must be a Jafa, who learned his trade waiting in Akld's long traffic cues.


Anonymous said...

Tookie was a Nobel Prize nominee and a hero to all. He is a martyr. Not that any of you in some backwater part of the world like NZ would know/care.

All he did was remove a few crackers from the planet. A good start, if you ask me.

If anything, this vast miscarriage of justice will only create hundreds, if not thousands of more Tookies to rise up.

That will be a glorious day indeed.

phil said...

Thousands more Tookies?

That's OK, CA's Governator's got tons more bullets - haven't you seen his movies?

They show them down here in backwater NZ, but only when we're not tending sheep.

Kelvin said...

Oh Crikey !!! You made a boo-boo. Tookie was the 1001st prisioner to be executed !!! The 1000th who was a double murderer was excuted a week ago. I say,why did they take so long to do it - they should of done it years ago !!! Noble prize winner or not !!!

phil said...

Whoopsie! Sorry 'bout that, I was using the NCEA method of assessment to calculate the figures (that's my story & I'm sticking with it). Will amend!

btw, Great blog, K!

Ed said...

Another whoopsie Phil, we should be referring to George Dubya as the Antichrist himself, Chimpy Mcdeathitlenronbu$hOILiniburton 5000 unelected Chimperial pResident of ZionaKKKa. Michael Moore does so it must be cool, right ?

phil said...

It's rather a mouthful, E, & we'd definitely be sued by the NZPA for plagiarism.