Thursday, December 15, 2005


Is anyone surprised?
The deranged Iranian prez denies the Holocaust happened. Boring! Don't those crazy rag-heads ever come up with new lines? Year in, year out, same old same old: no holocaust; biscuits made from babies' blood; Zionist protocols; illuminati... how passe! Ordinarily, we could ignore the unhinged rantings of a moooslim thug, brain-damaged from whacking his forehead too hard on the ground praying 5x a day - but a Nuclear Iran is a whole new, and far more dangerous threat. Why Tehran is not already a pile of glowing ashes 'neath a mushroom cloud, is beyond me. Just nuke 'em! That'll shut crazy-boy up for 5 minutes & we can all enjoy a little peace & quiet for a while.

BREAKING NEWS: Miss Auckland beauty pageant winner announced. Dang, those jafa-girls are so purdy!

"Who are the people in your neighbourhood?"
Memories of Sesame St on learning about posters inciting race riots, right here in yours truly's back yard. While thrilled to finally enjoy some entertainment in the otherwise drab, sleepy & unsalvageably grey bleakness that constitutes life in the Northern Suburbs, I'm saddened by the unfathomable stupidity of these exuberant - yet sadly misguided - young activists. Everyone Knows that J'ville (mainly) and Khandallah (especially) are already predominantly WHITE. How can you "reclaim" land that hasn't even been stolen yet? (not even Maori land protesters are this clueless). Another frightful indictment of our failed Ed system? Tell those geographic ignorami, it's Newtown & Porirua that needs the ethnic cleansing. Do I need to draw you a map?

Oh gosh, I wonder why the bloomers-wetting NZPA don't report on the four Sydney churches attacked by Muslims? Could it be our media lefties are too blinded by resentment of White Heterosexual Men, Christians, Bush, the US & Israel, to identify the real enemy? (i.e., Muslim Ragheads who have NO intention to peacefully co-exist, let alone assimilate, with Infidel culture). The real tragedy (IMO) of secularism is that it desensitizes folk to Religious Warfare. So called 'enlightened' Europeans have No Idea what they're up against! Spiritual Battles are forever! You can not appease, reason, placate, negotiate or compromise with a "faith" that declares you an 'enemy of God'. Maybe when the first (non-French govt ) act of terrorism explodes on kiwi soil, our peace-at-any-price gutless, yellow populace will obtain a clue. But I'm not holding breath...


TMonkey said...

Personally I think we have a nice balance already. But seriously, wtf???

phil said...

Sorry mate, terribly hungover (read: grumpy) this mornin'

hey, be thankful you don't have to live in the same house with me - LOL
Hmmm, maybe there IS a reason no woman was ever stupid enough to marry me...

And there's always that nuke stash of yours when you finally tire of me!

Don't worry, pal! I just Love to Rant!
You take me seriously At Your Own Risk! :-D

TMonkey said...

Lol, it's all good, I love a bit of controversy!

They are purdy... and oh so cute tehehehe