Wednesday, December 21, 2005

normal transmission resumes...

Back after brief bout of bloggus interruptus, called away on Emergency Christmas Shopping Mission. Returned burdened with parcels & worry-free (at least til next year) credit card bills. Am content. Might have a teeny drink of wine... or 2... Ahhh, there's no other spot in the Universe quite like Poneke in the summer. I near melt with rapturous joy each day, fortunate to swim in Absolutely Beautifully Wellington's divine urban exquisiteness. The luckiest people In The World live here. We are blessed.

But enough of that misty-eyed reverie, terribly sad news that Mr Aaron Bhatnagar will no longer grace NZ's blogosphere. A giant blow to the center-right commentariat leaving a huge, yawning gap in our knowledge & insights into Akld politricks. We wish you the all best, AB! Good luck, take care, and thank you! DPF has thread (I can't directly link to) acknowledging Mr B's departure.

Paikea Returns
Dispiriting news that 15 whales from huge pod rescued have come aground again. A coincidence that re-stranding takes place near Labour's Nelson electorate? Typical socialist whales! Completely lacking self-responsibility for swimming habits, too dopey to help themselves after already been given helping hand, and expecting everyone else to save them AGAIN from perilous plight (of own doing) and also pick up the tab. Why am I not surprised?

Civilisation Collapses
Save the whales? Hell no! Save the Barbies! Gut wretching reports of mass mutilations by British barbarian brats of world's most famous doll. More unnerving than these terrorist toddlers are the gleeful praises sung for these future serial killers by our very own academics:
"By decapitating the dolls, young people were showing they did not accept the model figure they represented"
Sheesh! You show one little bit of Iraqi hostage footage on TV and the whole nation goes beserk!

Proving that blondes are brainless... is our lovely, but unfortunately neuron-deprived, Rachel Hunter, too dumb to swindle as much loot as possible out of gravelly-voiced ex-hubby, Rod Stewart. Refusing all monetary goodies as divorce proceedings conclude:
"I think it's wrong for women to take half of someone's money when they haven't earned it"
Someone get Dr Cullen on the phone! Someone just get a doctor! Put down that bong, Rachel! Think! "Free money" - Oh, there's no hope trying to talk to those flippin' right wingers...


Sharon Ferguson said...

Hello from Texas! Your url showed up in my referrals for my blog and thought I'd come on over and check it out. I have your blog in the queue to add.

PJ is a Socialist Film maker, isnt he?! After seeing Kong (yes, I did pay money to see that, but only because hubby wanted to see it) saw that his wife and her partner were the ones who wrote the screenplay...I guess all three of them are attached at the hip now?! Considering what those cows did to my favorite LOTR character, I dont think much of them either.


phil said...

Hi Esgaroth! A great big "Howdy" to Y'all in the Lone Star State. Merry Christmas!