Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Spirit of Christmas

Seasons Greetings, Kiwis, from Winny & Pete, vetoing the Carbon Tax that was to be introduced from 2007 onward. Greedy grinch Cullen must feel like his Christmas has been stolen & is probably, as we speak, devising new methods to steal collect more taxpayers' earnings to sate our Socialist Govt's rapacious appetite for other people's money.
"alternative options being considered by the Government could include some levies"
Phew, thank goodness we'll only be 'levied' - and not pay a 'tax' as originally conceived. Luckily we're easily fooled by fancy nomenclature & tricky wordplay.

shirty shoppers
Finally, the much ballyhooed economic hard landing arrives to gatecrash our great kiwi Christmas party. A Westpac survey showing a nationwide drop in spending cheer as the:
"consumer confidence index fell to 110.1 from 120.2 in Sept, the lowest level for 5 years"
Maybe the NCEA should re-evaluate those numbers to help bolster spirits & save our economy.

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