Sunday, January 15, 2006

blogging blues

defamatory diatribe
Former Liberty Belle unhappy with freedom of speech for online opiners. MP turned journo, Deb Coddington, sulks about tone of political discourse describing kiwi bloggers as "vicious", "abusive", "sad" & "pathetic" - I had no idea she read my blog! Still, a tad hypocritical considering she was once paid a handsome parliamentary salary to likewise indulge in inane invective. Recoiling at labels:
"anorexic drag queen in high heels", "Boring, Irritable, Testy, Catty, Hateful" [and a] "white trash gold digger"
She could've chosen different wedding vows! Deb should pick her webpages wisely, constantly clicking 'close window' & 'back' buttons - as a Self Responsible surfer. That's what an Adult - free to decide - would do. Or has ACT changed philosophy?

go forth & multiply
Sydneysiders seeking sperm from NZers as fertility clinic pays kiwis to cum in containers.
As a nation full of wankers, we're well suited. Personally, I don't give a toss - but don't let that stop you! Must be a scarcity of patrotic pullers 'cross the Tazzy with Mark Latham no longer prominent.
"potential donors will have to pass stringent physical and mental assessments"
Which could explain shortage of suitable Ozzy offerers. Alas, Aucklanders aren't forthcoming to sharing loins' bounty; a future father frets:
"You might end up having 17 children all coming to try and find you"
Enough of disparaging Maori fathering practices! Stop sowing the seeds of discontent!

Personal Note: Will blog-lite (if at all) over next few days. Niece suffered heart attack yesterday and remains in intensive care in induced coma. All very touch & go at the mo...

Update - 8:51pm. Doing much better. Heartbeat around 108 & dropping. Still unconscious. Nurse reported earlier hand movements and eyes opening briefly.


Jimmy Jangles said...

best wishes to your niece dude.

phil said...

Thank you kindly, JJ. She's doing much better (as at 18/01/06, 8:00pm). Past the critical 48 hour period, heartbeat down to around 88 beats p/m, showing signs of responsiveness. Slowly recovering. In good hands. Praise The Lord!

Sharon Ferguson said...

Prayers for the continued and speedy recovery of your neice! I am sorry to hear she has suffered!


fm said...

I'm sorry to hear that phil. My prayers are also with you and your family.

phil said...

Thanks for your prayers, kind bloggers! My niece is now (20/01/06) out of ICU and recovering well in the Cardiac Unit. She's up and walking about, free of tubes and wires, still a bit confused in speech and recollections. She's due out of hospital in four days.

She started *moaning* and *swearing* to me about the nurses not letting her out for a cigarette. Yup, I thought to myself - smoking, cussing and complaining - she MUST BE getting better, back to her good old self again :-)

Good to see your blog back, Sharon :-)