Monday, January 16, 2006

Keep New Zealand Green!

Save The Snails!
Feeling rather tender today, thus appalled at Evil state-owned energy firm threatening Giant Snails' extinction by mining habitat. These are no ordinary slugs (like the ones overseas) but Kiwi Snails. Huge buggers found no where else in God's creation. Save our Heritage!
"There are just 500 snails left on the 4ha area"
Where are our patriots outraged at national faunicide? I applaud the Happy Valley 15 (rugby symbolism, anyone?) as true Kiwis! Never mind those buggers silly enough to live on the West Coast worrying about mining jobs. If you're dopey enough to not move to the Nth Island, you deserve to unemployed, imho. As for tired arguments about energy benefits from extracting minerals -- at the risk of repeating myself -- if Sth Islanders didn't Choose to live in such a COLD place, they'd use less electricity trying to keep warm, so we wouldn't need more power, now, would we? Go, the Patriotic Eco-freaks! Protect NZ! Save powelliphanta augustus!

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Oswald Bastable said...

If someone could breed them, sell them to the French and make a dollar, we would be up to our arses in the slimy, tasty litte buggers!