Friday, January 06, 2006

Capricorns of the World Unite!

you have nothing to lose but your... ah, shaddap! We don't believe in that stuff, anyway, coz we're cynical, practical, earthy & materialistic.

Happy Boithday [as they say in New Jersey] to me! I sprang forth into the World of Light 39 years thence. And to be honest, I really don't know why I bothered... Hope someone buys me some wine... or chocolates... or something nice you can eat...

It's a start...
Building collapse in Mecca kills 15 pilgrims. Heck. Must be the will of Allah. This is already one of my best birthdays ever!

Shame the fire at Jeanette Fitzsimon's place wasn't a funeral pyre. Daft old cow breaks law & pollutes our pristine environment burning gorse at home. Like fellow rich toff, dietary authoritarian &
brutal view-obscuring Pohutakawa Tree-massacaring, Sue Kedgley & dope-smoker Nandor, she's a HYPOCRITE to Make Laws only to casually discard them when personally inconvenient.

What's with all the goss about our revolting PM becoming UN head? Surely it can't be Mark Sainsbury's birthday as well? Let's see - she's a dirty filthy low-down corrupt, lying, thieving, socialist despotic pig & she HATES America. She's a shoo-in! As a patriot, I'm excited we'll be exporting kiwi misery globally and am humbled by her proud legacy bestowed on our nation of rugby fans keen never to miss the game.


Ed said...

Och, Happy Birthday. I was down in Wellington this morning, why don't you treat yourself on your birthday and come livei n a real city ?

fm said...

Happy Birthday Phil. Hope there's many more posts to come.

Can't see Helen in the top job myself. There's the small matter of the folks who pay the bills there who don't think very highly of her. I think Johnny would have a better chance if he retired sometime soon. But I'm biased of course.