Sunday, January 01, 2006

What a crap year it's been so far

My NY resolution to not drink lasted about 10 minutes. I started smoking about an hour later. Gotta houseful of whanau, and barely have time to spend online. I feel incredibly lethargic, even by my usually lazy leisurely standards. The Sunday News editorial had a subtle dig at prez Bush - add them to the boycott list. I'm hungry but don't know what for & am too knackered to do anything about it. I'm tired but not sleepy enough for bed. There's nothing on TV or online to grab my interest. Energy levels are way down, running on empty - I'd like to...........
..........but just can't muster the energy.

Hope I snap out of it soon. Happy New Year anyway! :-)

Oh yeah, Chinese-wise it's the Year of the Dog, which is good for us Horse folk. And the horoscope in the Sunday News said I was gonna fall in love this year & makes heaps of money. But they say that every year...

yours truly,
Broke, Single & Disillusioned with Astrology


Sharon Ferguson said...

Happy New Year anyway, phil! We're facing down fires in north Texas, south Oklahoma, so I guess this another year of natural disasters. Water in your area of the world, fire in ours. Oh the humanity! LOL

Best wishes to you!

phil said...

Yikes! You take care, Sharon! Hoping y'all stay safe in TX/Oklahoma!

God bless, and have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!