Monday, January 02, 2006


Pommy Git Alert
No, not a story about Michael Cullen, but an Envious Englander deriding Wellington as boring. Yes, it's true that we may lack the soccer hooliganism, race riots, mass drunken vomiting in public (and let's not forget those exploding jihadists on trains & buses) of London. Not to mention the morose attitudes and even worse dentistry which drove our ancestors to flee the Antipodean icebox in the first place. Seems the Poms are repugnant both at home and abroad, no wonder the Irish wanna bomb them. Who can blame them? Go, IRA!

Update: There were 35 stabbings in London during New Year festivities. And NONE in boring, old Wellington. Oh, what a tedious, wearisome bunch we are in the Capital; lacking all the 'fun & excitement' of Merry Olde England.

Vive le bonfire!
The Frogs see in the New Year with 425 cars torched overnight. The Associated Press, in usual denial-style avoids mentioning the religious affiliation of these so-called 'rowdy revelers'. Apparently, in the liberal-media gaga-land of see-no racism, hear-no racism, speak-no racism, we're expected to overlook (Emperor's New Clothes style) that these arsonists are all adherents of the Religion of Peace. Le Grand Frog himself, President Chirac, responds in typical French style - & surrenders:
"Diversity is part of our history: It is a resource," he said. "It is an asset for our future."
As an unassimilable, uncivilised mob of African muslims spread cancerously out of control throughout the Republic, the best their leaders can do is cheer on the barbarians and the concomitant death spiral of their nation
Au revoir, France! Hello, Eurabia!

HTML Meltdown
Was playing around with the (kiwi) blogroll trying to organise folks into "categories" when an alcohol-induced 'slip' caused me to delete (quite) a few names. Sorry! My bad! Promise to restore you all when I finally track down your pages. I wuzn't having a tanty or anything - I still *love* you - just being a clumsy klutz, that's all.

Come back soon!
Know what? I can't wait for Parliament to resume. I miss the constant stories about politicians who are such BIG targets for ridicule & scorn; I'm running out of people to pick on...

Whanau update
Brother & co have gone to the beach to get seafood. No way am I gonna eat anything that lived in the waters surrounding Poneke. I don't even swim in the beaches until well north of Pie-cock. Effluent City! Ewww!

Oh, please!
The unmitigated CHEEK of the NZPA to bemoan falling public confidence in the cops! Friggin' hypocrites! Labour can not be blamed entirely even though Hawkins was a complete disaster, as was the focus on ticketing motorists and revenue gathering. BUT, the souring of public relations began with the journalists themselves. Phil Kitchener (whom I loathe more than the entire Labour caucus combined) spent 18 months investigating Louise Nicolas' 20 year old claims of gang-rape. Kitchener, being a pathetic wimpy white wussy, castrated by feminists and schooled in sensationalist journalism, swallowed Louise's every word, hook, line & sinker. What a dickhead! Perhaps his naivety is the curse of contemporary middle-class pakeha. Adhering to the male oppressor/ female victim paradigm, Phil, apparently never considered the following truths about slutty white trash (which are common knowledge to many Maori & working classes everywhere). Namely, some women:
  • lie about rape
  • have sexual fantasies
  • enjoy group sex
  • have a fetishistic attraction to men in uniforms
  • are incurable drama queens
  • are nasty & vindictive, scheming sh*t-stirrers
Following her accounts in the media, I knew immediately Nicolas was a screwed up lying twit. Particulary her claim the cops kept returning to her house, where she'd invite them in... only to be 'raped' again & again, day after day. On oestrogen overdrive, the feminazi media avalanche begun. Louisa Cleave, Simon Colling, Helen Tunnah, Michele Hewitson, Elizabeth Binning & most of all their pussy-whipped editor, Tim Murphy, would daily trash the cops with tales of woe - no incident too small to be feverishly blown out of proportion. Swept away on a wave of victim-hysteria, they invented and relentlessly peddled the "sick culture" of our police. Rapists, incompetents, liars & thieves - the daily slander continued, broadcast in all news media for over a year.

So it's a bit rich for the NZPA to now disingenously decry the lowering of public-esteem for our cops when they've been in their journalistic cross-hairs for so long. The NZ media are beneath contempt. In my nastier moments, I pray that Every Single Hack complicitous in the daily barrage of needless cop-bashing becomes a victim of senseless crime. Perhaps then those media cowards, safe & smug in their office cubicles, might get over their juvenile animosity & develop an appreciation for our cops who must daily confront the harsh realities of human ugliness.

Happy New Year!


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