Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Be afraid!

Be very afraid of Tariana Turia when she starts worrying over cartoons hurting feelings. What sort of Maori are ya, anyway? Never heard of haka, patere, ngeri? All songs of contempt, abuse & vilification. Ask co-leader Pita, one of country's most esteemed & learned experts of Maori performing arts in all its provocatively militaristic, vehemently offensive glory. The ethos of unbridled defilement & dysphemism, deeply informs all traditional 'narrative' in oratory, chant & dance. Let's not sanitise history or rewrite our musical heritage. Insults-R-Us!

Be fearful coz LPG (57) + TMP (4) = nearly enough votes
(throw in a wobbly Nat/NZF or 2) to introduce Hate Speech law or tighten existing legislation. Sly Helen will use any excuse to incrementally implement her totalitarian agenda, one legal sub-clause at a time.

Be cheered that the Nth hemisphere bloc (formerly known as "Euroweenies") have rejoined the vertebrae kingdom with stance of assertive solidarity, resisting Iranian ire.

"A boycott of Danish goods is by definition a boycott of European goods"
Let the Trade Wars begin! Let's play economic jihad! Most heartened by re-awakened Crusader spirit in global battle against Islamic Death Menace. Let's boycott/embargo every muslim country. No trade, aid or travel, refuse all refugees and asylum seekers & deport every single last camel-humper back to his sorry desert tent! Give 'em nothing but mushroom clouds! Wanna religious war, Ragheads? Bring it on! Death to Islamic Savages! (Allah willing)

Be wary of taqiyya, the deceitful muslim practice [endorsed by Koran] of lying and brokering false armistices & ceasefires when strategically opportune. The shifty prez of our Terrorist Islamic Federation cunningly tries appealing to our patriotism:
"We are all NZers, our heart is in NZ & we want this issue resolved peacefully.. we do not want to bring any problems from outside the country to here"
Before betraying his true motive: the gradual suppression of any criticism, challenge or potentially insulting remarks against the Mohammedan death cult:
"We also ask the media to be restrained in their reporting & not to publish the cartoons again"
Sorry punk! No one's fooled by your transparent attempt at enforcing press self-censorship. If the media acquiesce, the islamofascists are victorious. Another special 'protection' afforded an aggrieved minority in our already PC-choked land. One small step for media tolerance; a giant leap for theocratic enslavement. In the war for liberty, let's not surrender without the mullahs firing a shot.

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