Wednesday, February 08, 2006


feminist fantasies
Christchurch medical research gives sharp slap to the sisterhood, overturning gross & longheld misandrist libel equating domestic violence with brutish men pummeling helplessly victimised women & children. Findings indicate that:
"..among young adults, men & women are equally violent towards partners, in terms of the range of domestic violence examined"
Thanks for the reality check! That flushing sound is the howl of a thousand oestrogen-sodden wimmins' studies theses, swirling down bog of academic fraudulence. Bad news for the gender apartheidists; great relief for us blokes who have NEVER physically harmed, nor sought to inflict upset on, any woman (sarcastic & derisive remarks excluded). Wonder will the Women's Refuges open wing for male victims?

Nuke-free Nats?
Are dithering Don & his caucus crybabies rolling over on the nuclear-ships issue? Neutered Nats' new policy dispenses with public referendum prior to any future law change, but cements support for the Status Quo. Shameless capitulation to populist sentiment or crafty forward-looking tactic? When the Nats (finally, thankfully) take over, they can change law at will, without need for pesky public imprimatur. If Helengrad can disarm our airforce, establish a supreme court & reinvent marriage without first consulting populace - how hard can it be to welcome back the Americans?

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Heine said...

True! Good point. I just hope the Nats have the balls to go through with the good stuff.