Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The good news, the bad news

Don does Orewa
Dr Brash give his much anticipated Orewa speech. Congrats to for publishing it in full. Barely have the words left his mouth & the leftist pukes at NZH give full voice to his Labour detractors, even Ruth Berry finds little to cheer about. Tracy Watkins, in her customary no-nonsense style gives a short, sharp & far more even-handed summary. Despite being quite favourable to Don, I tend to agree with Ruth. He covers a lot of ground in his long damning critique of Labour's last 6 years. Still, one's left feeling vaguely morose & pessimistic. Let's hope the Nats can thrash out Don's salient & not unreasonable points, translating them into hits in the House over the next parliamentary term. Any more of this depressing hopelessness & I may start chewing on razor blades just to perk myself up. Overall I give him 7 out of 10. Excellent content, but lacking the rah-rah factor needed to electrify & inspire the masses.

Oscar news
The hugely over-rated Peter Jackson, who also makes crap films when not campaigning for the Socialists, thankfully dips out on being nominated for Best Director. "Hoorah!" say I, with gleeful spite! I'll enjoy the annual Hollywood fashion parade with extra relish! 2006 looks to be the year of the gay cowboy with Brokeback Mountain -- or "Bareback Mount-him" as one American wit humorously quipped -- likely to scoop the top honours with 8 nominations. Must make a point to miss it. Not that I'm homophobic, but the two lead guys are just plain durn unattractive. If I must watch two blokes engaged in hardcore tongue wrestling, I'd at least expect them to be Hot Looking. As for being a universal tale of of tragic, thwarted love - I can read my own diary if I ever need something to cry about.

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