Monday, January 30, 2006


Pugnacious Pete
Pita Sharples determined to wean Maori off
welfare in war against dependency. Fighting words and a laudable aim but somewhat hypocritical, imo, considering his party voted FOR Labour's Working for Families package which further entrenches welfare, even for middle income earning families. He's correct about Labour failing to ameliorate the plight of so many dependent on the state, yet perversely, his fellow Maori Party MP, Hone Harawira urged his constituents to give party vote to Helen's mob during election campaign for fear of a Nat led govt. Adding to confusion is one of TMP's major election planks is the repeal of the Foreshore & Seabed Act, which will require the support of erstwhile foe, National. Other aims include enhanced status of the Treaty & Maori seats - anathema to Don's crowd - which needs Labour's assent. Bewildered? Don't worry; we all are!

Low-life Litigants
Who said crime doesn't pay? Despite laws introduced to curtail fiscal compensation for prisoners whose 'rights' have been 'violated', claims exceeding $5 million are sought through the courts. What a crazy system rewarding wrong-doers with scant regard for 'rights' of their victims. Why should inmates enjoy privileges afforded law-abiding citizens? Of course the scheme will be abused by crafty crims conspiring to profit through dishonest means - they are crooks after all. Expect a raft of accusations about ill-treatment from wardens who'll suffer the indignities of investigation with doubts cast over their professionalism. How demoralising for prison workers; enough to deter many away from a career in corrections. Such an unappealing work environment can only lead to a shortage of suitable applicants for a tough, thankless, demanding job. Whoops, too late!

Exercise in futility?
Educrats urge daily hour-long workout to combat
weighty problem of pudgy primary schoolkids. A heavy burden since school syllabus is already bulging at seams. Chief protagonist, sports & recreation education manager (with obvious agenda), cites questionable statistic that 96% of pupils unable to perform simple acts such as running, jumping & catching. Head of Principals Federation unimpressed, laying blame squarely (and rightly, imo) at feet of parents. One well-meaning wag suggests extreme sports as an option, hoping to entice young adventurous spirits - and may very well succeed until the first accident and lawsuit eventuates. But why the focus on 'enjoyable' pursuits? Is the purpose of school to have fun? What about discipline to build character or as preparation for the unpleasant realities of adulthood? Over-coddled kids become immature adults. It's time, as a nation, to grow up.

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