Thursday, February 02, 2006

gratuitous Akld bashing

location, location, location
Story of poor sod whose Auckland property has become car magnet with 6 (quite literal) gatecrashers making unexpected housecalls since April last year. What an unfortunate dwelling. Must be bad feng shui. Would have thought with all their Asians someone might have previously warned him about it. Mighta thought after 6 close encounters he'd have moved to more fortuitous abode. But that's Jafas for you, they're a strange lot with customs different from our own. More philosophically, if a car crashes in Auckland and nobody hears the sound, does anyone really care? Thought not.

If someone makes a noise in Akld, & 30 kill-joys hear it, can complainants dictate terms of rock concerts held at North Shore Events Centre? "Yes," rules loopy Environment Court judge in bowing to demands of nearby village idiots who stupidly chose to live too close to entertainment complex.
"Residents felt the need to compromise because they had been portrayed as anti-events centre and music haters"
Actually, I'd portray them - along with the speedway moaners - as a pushy, self-righteous, un-neighbourly, intolerant, tiny minority selfishly manipulating an entire city to accede to their unresonable demand for peace & tranquility amid inevitable raucous bustle that is urban life. Hint for complaining Jafas with sensitive eardrums: move somewhere quieter!

You won't find many elderly attending Nth Shore concerts; cash strapped after muggings
by marauding packs of 'highly organised' female thieving thugs, targeting helpless old ladies. "At shopping malls, supermarkets and retail outlet carparks" - no kuia's handbag's safe from sinister snatchers. To what depths of abject debasement has this city descended? Now do Jafas understand why we can't stand them? When girls gang up on grandmothers, civil society's lost its soul. Auckland's sick. Were it a person, I'd have to revise my strongly held views against euthanasia. Let's hope some miracle man can cure her ills and heal her hurting heart.

Just not that heart doctor from - need we say - "Auckland" with 22,000 packs of speed based pills worth $13mil he reckoned was selling to legit Chinese drug company. I don't think so, China-man Chen - don't give me none of that feng shui rubbish, you're a filthy sleazy greedy drug-pushing scumbag liar crook. Believe me, being Maori, I know the type well... but enough about my parents!
Disgusting that a respected cardiac surgeon should turn out to be such a morally decrepit mongerel. Guess it really must be the Year of the Dog! Sounds like typical Asian bidness corruption as usual, ho hum. Is anyone surplised?

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