Saturday, February 04, 2006


fear & loathing in LA
Oh, dear! Filmmaker, Lee Tamahori, busted for prostitution in the City of Angels dressed as a woman. Oh, my! I'm all for exporting kiwi talent overseas, but not like this! Perhaps Lee forced abroad due to overwhelming competition from 12 year old hookers in Chch & Akld?
"Tamahori is a highly regarded film director whose work includes.. Once Were Warriors.. Die Another Day &.. The Sopranos"
Highly regarded? Not any more. Then again, Hollywood digs kinky sex stuff; hasn't harmed careers of Hugh Grant, Paris Hilton et al. Surprised he's only charged with misdemeanours & freed on $2K bail; perhaps soliciting isn't serious crime in LA? So many questions. Why would film director risk this, in Tinseltown of all places? Why would director need to & why the drag outfit? And who the heck would hire an ugly 50-something tranny in the first place, especially in the spiritual home of plastic surgery & beautiful youthful film star looks?

weapons of mass indoctrination
Conservative film critic, Jason Apuzzo, pans Hollywood trend toward 'triviality' as producers neglect art, craftmanship & story-telling by instead promoting films pushing social issues & left-wing causes. Participant Productions vice-prez unabashed about activism:
"Our product is social change, and the movies are a vehicle for that social change"
Preaching has replaced entertainment. Indeed, the entire awards 'industry' now reward message-heavy movies at the expense of fun & family flicks. Most glaring example: This year the Star Wars & Harry Potter movies raked in $US 1.7 billion but each received only one Academy Award nomination. Meanwhile the gay (Brokeback Mountain), tranny (Transamerica) feminist (North Country), anti-Republican (Good Night & Good Luck) & anti-American (Syriana) lobbies are showered praise & accolades, and likely to clean up on Oscar night. Like the antique media, Hollywood's creative and box-office decline will continue as leftist activists alienate audiences with self-serving polemic & shrill propaganda thinly veiled as cinema.

with the terrorists?
Oz Herald Sun has excellent evisceration of schlock-meister, Steven Spielberg, & latest Pali-loving palava.
"the true shame of Munich is that he spent nearly $100 million to make a seductively deceitful film that warns we are evil if we fight back against the terrorists trying to kill us"
Spineless Spielberg, like all pacifist cowards, is too timid to face stark realities, ie, sometimes people hate you & will try to kill you & will succeed if you let them. 'Dialogue' & 'negotiation' are not possible with rabid dogs; sometimes you just have to kill them. In the war on terror, SS whimpers limp excuses for the other side! Stupid, seditious, self-hating Jew. What chutzpah! Never rated this overpraised bore as director, either. Overdone & Overblown. Like everything King Schmaltz Midas touches, it turns into liberal angst-ridden goo; platefuls of sludgy saccharine soap - chewed up, swallowed & vomited back on your screen. Blecch & Zzzz...

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