Monday, February 06, 2006

the media vs the moozlims

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Intractable dilemna or a win-win situation? Like a Sth African/Ozzy rugby test, I dunno who to cheer for. I HATE both of them equally & want each to smash the other senseless. I applaud the DomPost & The Press who, unlike the NZ Herald, at least possess spine.
I also endorse muslim calls to boycott the DP. I've been boycotting them for years & still urge all to do likewise...

Despite grand moral posturing, our self-interested NZ media are only ever concerned about free speech issues when it directly affects themselves. Remember hullaballo when Labour tried to tighten libel laws? Any other time, our msm is blithely uninterested in any 'speech' out of step with own monotonous left-wing drone.
For years, the DP's consistently published anti-American, pro-Muslim, pro-Palestinian screeds - looks like all the craven appeasement was for nothing...

A catastrophe for our rural sector if Iran cancels their $80 mil imports of farm products.What then would defenders of free speech have to say? What Would Tim Pankhurst Do? Declare rights of an unmuzzled media outweigh national economic benefits of trade? Or retreat into cowardly silence; 'move on' as Helen Clark instructed suggested after torpedoing our hopes for a US free trade agreement. If we do become target of an islamic boycott, our msm have some serious splainin' to do...

Nevertheless, we MUST fight back. Every concession to muslim sensitivty is another step toward dhimmitude. We're at war with Islam. Sadly, too many on our side (Western secularists) don't get it; they can never comprehend spiritual warfare since they don't understand faith itself. Agnostic twits always think a peace can be reached, a truce enjoined, a treaty signed...

As an infidel jihadi, I'm glad the ragheads are offended. Personally, I'm affronted everytime muslims crash planes into skyscapers, blow up Israeli weddings & Bali nightclubs, explode trains in Spain, England & India. I'm offended at videotaped decapitations, gang-rapes, honour killings & mob exhortations to kill & destroy. I'm sickened by endless wanton bloodshed, for which no muslim ever denounces. So excuse me if unfazed by a mere cartoon prophet...

Update: So far papers in
Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, NZ, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine & USA, have published the cartoons. If you thought those images offensive, you'll be positively horrified by the pics at "No Dhimmitude."

Say what? Don't get me wrong, Tim Blair's a doll, but LOL at reason for not publishing cartoons in The Bulletin magazine, where he's assistant editor:
"It was an editorial decision that was taken that we didn't need to, that they were already out there on the internet & it would be gratuitous"
Greatly amusing considering the hammerings he dishes out at his website.

Anyone offended?


Muhammad playing Little Orphan Annie

Muhammad as a pirate

Muhammad on a bad turban day

Muhammad with sand in his eye

Muhammad wearing sunglasses

'tip - Wookie


Muslim said...

I really was upset about the cartoons. Why make such cartoons when they are infactual and false?

If people really read about the prophet peace be upon him they would realise he was a mercy to mankind.

Moreover, as Muslims we aren't allowed to draw pictures of Prophets, furthermore, we aren't meant to disrespect someone elses religion. We respect all prophets, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, so why not respect our dear Prophet?

Jimmy Jangles said...

Suggest you have a re read of the post.

fm said...

I'm not concerned if Tim Blair caved in to the proprietors of his magazine. He said that hare running in Oz anyway when the SMH thought they were being smart by reporting on him posting the photos. That ended up just giving the issue visibility.

No, I'm much happier with Tim Blair remaining in his job pulling the levers of editorial power. This is just one battle in a long war.

Anonymous said...

Well Muslim, you may not be allowed to take the piss, but those of us who don't believe the Islam fairy tale are perfectly entitled to do what we like. If you don't like it, tough.