Monday, February 06, 2006

Waitangi weekend

Disastrous weekend for blogging
night, had a 12 hour + plus outage. Saturday, spent all day stoned off my nut on Nurofen Plus (of all things). Packet said "take two" but I'm a guts and took 4, then about 3 minutes later I still had headache so, being impatient, took two more. Next minute... flying! I know why movie stars get hooked on painkillers now. A complete feeling of inner peace. Got absolutely nothing done, all day, but was still very pleasant. Unfortunately, immunity has since built up so I can't abuse them any more. Sunday, puter starts to play up & go all slow so I did complete restore and took All Day downloading Norton stuff, XP Service Pack 2 (89 Mb) & updates on a 56k modem. Finally, Monday, normalcy resumes.


fm said...
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fm said...

Oh good. So it wasn't just me Google was toying with over the weekend. Probably should happen more often though -- I got a lot done I wouldn't have bothered with otherwise. Must. Kick. Habit.

Enjoy your weekend Phil.