Saturday, February 25, 2006


hangover from hell
Was sister's birthday on Thursday. Brother (who's visiting from Gisborne) & I did the beer shopping. I bought some Budweiser for the first time. After all, how can you call yourself worldly & cosmopolitan without having tried Bud? But at $15.97 (not a typo) for a 6-pack of stubbies (from a supermarket! Imagine how much more at a bottlestore or pub?) it's unlikely to feature on future shopping lists. The penny-pinching lush can usually buy kiwi beer for less than $1 per bottle; it's unnatural & immoral (imo) to pay more for water, sugar & hops. And let's face it, we only indulge for the pleasant after effects. I needed a drink after that price scare, & it went fine with our gourmet Japanese takeaways. Very smooth. Even my extremely fussy mother had another glass. Needless to say I was a complete pig & ate & drank more than anyone. Dreadfully unwell on Friday, still a bit queasy today. Didn't know I could get so hammered on beer alone. Must stick with the cheap stuff from now on, which at least doesn't knock you around as much.


Rob Good said...

Bud is certainly not the best beer out there. I have lived in USA for 4 years and had it once the other day. It tasted a bit like sunlight soap with bubbles.

Heine said...

It is nasty American swill. That is very expensive for pissy water too.. wow, I have been away for too long!

You gotta try the real Budweiser as well, the Czech stuff. The real thing bro.

phil said...

Sunlight soap? Wow, that brings back memories. We used to wash with that when we were kids sharing a bath. I remember that yucky taste well.

I actually quite liked Bud, thought it tasted nice. And 4.9% alcohol content - can't argue with those stats! I judge a beer on how drunk it gets me quickly. Budweiser rates! (imho) God bless America!