Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bubba's visit

Hey, Slick! Doncha know that bimbo you're hitting on is our Prime Minister!

Besides she's a dyke, so you're outta luck there. Try this gushy hack, clearly besotted with America's most libidinous president:
"the old Clinton magic returns. His voice, though clear, has a throaty intimacy"
Throaty intimacy? I'm sure there's a Lewinsky joke in their somewhere. Are our journos making fun of the Little Rock Lothario? Another unfortunate headline reads: Clinton pleases NZ woman. Considering his 'legacy', some of the copy is downright disturbing:
"Bill Clinton has already made one woman incredibly happy after he sauntered out of his hotel yesterday"

"she had 'engineered' for one of her shirts to be waiting on Mr Clinton's bed after his speech

"He's just lucky I left the hotel about three minutes before he did otherwise I would have had my arms around him - whether he likes it or not"
Oh, he would've liked it, alright! Never mind. Just think how much you've saved by not having to dryclean the stains out of your dress.


Oswald Bastable said...

Make her do the cigar trick!

phil said...

ROTFL! Although that's probably unlikely with our Smoke-free workplace legislation.

3C passes said...

What's the cigar trick?