Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Uh oh!

Shameful Maori!
Not a tautology, but our embarrassing Foreign Minister putting big clumsy foot in gaping maw claiming he'll sock it to the 'Mericans when he pops over there later, by hyping up China & demanding due recognition for our... umm, 'stature' & 'importance' in da Pacific. Should Condi be worried? And how do you say, "Who are you again, you pathetic irrelevant little nobody?" in American? Is the man senile? Way to get the US on-side, diplomacy-boy! What a nincompoop! Looks like the Helen Beast got a pro-commie, anti-US Foreign Minister after all.
I'm sullen & depressed. Might have to do unthinkable & assume Ozzy citizenship (and change username to "pheel")

Or... what?
The above could be just jafa radio spin. Akld Lefty Media Central omits much of the anti-US rhetoric (and we know NZH never misses opportunity to yankee-bash) in Winny's first major speech. As befitting foreign policy portfolio, vague bromides & broad fuzzy goals couched in nebulous language are masticated meaninglessly. A complete waste of time, really. Random quote of fustian hokum:
"NZ has little choice but to play its part in responding to pressing security & development challenges in other parts of the world"
My "whatever?" meter just blew a fuse.

Our first elected Ogress rallies to Holocaust denier's defence over Austrian jail term. Suddenly, the Hag proclaims unfettered right to free speech, an abrupt departure from touting Hate Speech laws after Jewish cemeterys desecrated in wake of Israeli passport scandal. Back then, the expedient phoney hailed Hate Speech legislation as panacea for hate crimes. Paradoxically, Holocaust-denying would have, no doubt, been outlawed by such Orwellian law. And now Helen's cheering him on. Go figga! Despite her slippery confused contradictions, for once I'm in agreement with the Beast on at least one matter:
"nonetheless he did go to Austria, he presumably knew what the law was and he's run up against that country's laws"
He sounds like a stirrer. Like the imbeciles who tell bomb jokes at airports or point toy guns at cops at get shot at, this big mouth has no one but self to blame for predicament.

There she goes again...
More scrupulous shape-shifting as our wondergirl weighs in on South Park/ Mary imbroglio, declaring self "offended." Not because it's deeply insulting to Catholics - her rationale for denouncing Mohammed cartoons - but becoz she's (purportedly) a 'woman'. In the gospel according to Hel's, feminism obviates religious sensitivity. The aforementioned lip service to free speech withering under precedence of 'taste '& 'judgement'. Absurdities abound with professed agnostic preaching inter-faith gospel to encourage:
"people talking to each other & not past each other & being tolerant & respectful of other people's beliefs"
This, from the cheap sanctimonious whore who obtruded own fundamentalist pro-abortion, pro-prostitution & gay rights regime on nation; an execration to All major world religions: Judaism, Hinduism, Bhuddism, Islam & Christianity (save Bishop Robinson, NZ methodists & Anglicans). Helen Clark is a shifty liar & moral reprobate, but then that's hardly news...

...and again!
After all the empty fury about female affrontery, hypocrite Helen turns lenient on lecherous Labour Minister. If a cartoon is condemned as "offensive to women," then surely
Dirty Dave, tormenter of teen girls, requires resolute rebuke for his pedophiliac penchant for voyeurism. Instead, our PM protects the prevaricating predator, confirming her core convictions are always contingent and conditional. Labour are an ethical wasteland, a despairing desert devoid of dignity & decency. Uggh!


fm said...

What do you mean assume Aussie citizenship?

You know there's a quiz, don't you Pheel?

phil said...

I drink Castlemaine, admire Shane Warne & own a Kylie Minogue album. Do I pass the test?

Phull (who hasn't quite shed funny accent yet)

fm said...

It's a lot harder than that mate. I want to hear you say fish and chips correctly for starters! (And the Kylie album counts against you. You must have been drinking the XXXX at the time. Kylie posters, especially wearing those gold shorts, are okay though. In the garage or the shed, of course.)

phil said...


"Fush and chups"

Hang on, hang on. I know I can do better.

"Fesh and cheps"

One more try, one more try. I've nearly got it.

"Feesh and cheeps"

I did it! I did it! I can speak Strine! You gotta let me in now, mate.

ps - The Kylie album is an autographed copy and my family's most precious heirloom. We keep it next to our shrine to Dame Edna.