Friday, February 17, 2006


CSI New Zealand
Go, us! Self-pat on back for ZyGEM for inventing products enabling quicker, cheaper, cleaner, more efficient DNA extraction techniques. Greatly reassuring there is intelligent life in NZ. My respect for our Universities has slumped to all time low recently, in wake of mass infestation of marxists, deconstructionists, post-modernists & other intellectual poseurs in Humanities, Education & Social Science faculties. Glad that maths, engineering, tech & hard sciences are largely immune from political & social activist fraudulence. Good there's still a fertile environment for our young scientific minds. More importantly, as one who suffers from deep-seated kiwi feeling of global irrelevance, I'm glad we did something "first" on the world stage. We beat the Israelis (& they're the brainy guys), we beat the Americans (& they've got way flasher labs) & we beat the Ozzies which is reward in itself. Go, Kiwi Scientists!

Smack Sue!
Good on Scoop for publishing SPCS's press release noting overwhelming public opposition to the Anti-Smacking Bill. Our lamestream media have been busy of late, trumpeting the Sue Bradford line, breathlessly quoting every kooky overseas left-wing academic convinced all social ills stem from traumatised children, scarred by parents giving them a whack. Haven't seen such aggressive lobbying by our msm since passge of Civil Union Bill (not including 05 election). SPCS correctly refutes the left's garbled nonsense equating all smacking with violent assault. Isn't Bradford a despicable idiot? A nasty pushy authoritarian zealot. Methinks Sue's championing of Bill is intricately tied up with suicide of her son. Her crusade is really a psychological quest for atonement over guilt of being a failed mum, having neglected her own kids during busy protesting career. Her bid to "save others' children" is an attempt to redeem herself for tragic inability to save her own.

Or maybe not. Family Integrity echoes SPCS research, with several polls
showing majority of parents have no enthusiasm for law change. Most interesting is the most comprehensive survey to date, was conducted in 2001 by the Ministry of Justice:
"to ascertain public attitudes towards the physical discipline of children.. to inform ongoing policy work on section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961."
The conspiracy theorist in me suspects Helen's Plotters had their beady eyes on amending the law all the way back then. Sue Bradford could be mere proxy for Labour's anti-family Big State interventionists. It's consistent with Helengrad's gradual erosion of traditional family structure and values via legislation: civil unions, prostitution, enhanced legal status of de facto relationships and apportionment of property & assets upon dissolution, etc. I suspect all part of broader plan to replace individual family choice & responsibility to force compliance with Govt diktat. Friggin Commies!

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