Sunday, February 19, 2006

Freeloading White Trash

Ugly American
Bring out the powhiri mat for the disgraced serial-rapist, perjurer, liar, furniture thief &
impeached US president who's sliming his way NZ-ward to overcharge idiots $1500+ to hear him wank on about rubbish. Worse still, kiwi taxpayers are picking up security tab for the Arkansas sleazeball. Clinton aint here on State bizzo so why should we foot bill for a 'celebrity visit' with our overstretched cops already undersourced? Not sure whether the police are to ensure Bilious Bills's safety or to protect innocent NZ women from another of Bubba's bimbo eruptions. On the positive side, at least he's not bringing along that ugly shrieking bug-eyed trollop he married.

Speaking of "powhiri" - I wonder if we can get that guy who headbutts tourists to give Bill a special welcome? Now, there's an idea...

It gets worse
The excruciating Robert Fisk is coming to the Wellington Festival of the Arts next month. What'd we do to deserve this? A
lovesick, starstruck Sunday Times reporter gushes uncontrollably about his literary brilliance, courage & integrity in a long-winded greasy masturbatory butt-kissing, as biased & fictitious as Fisk's journalism itself. We learn of the slimeball's youth:
"..Fisk's father was.. a petty tyrant. He would hit his son hard on the head"
So that's what caused his brain damage. Thank you, Mr Fisk Snr! Your actions speak for all of us! If I see the insidious scumbag at the Arts Festival, I'm gonna hit his head hard, too! Puke!

Now I'm really angry
Anglican vice-chief, The Archbishop of York, joins chorus of effete pacifist wimps demanding Gitmo be closed. Pompous pommy poofter wants the irredeemably corrupt U.N. to sue America if they don't yield to the tantrums of the terrorist-huggers. Thankfully, Don Rumsfeld resists the religious flimflamming fruitcakes:
"We have several hundred terrorists.. if they went back out on the field would try to kill Americans. To close that place, and pretend there's no problem, just isn't realistic"
The Church of England fades inexorably into irrelevance - at least in English speaking countries - with its growing focus on temporal (rather than spiritual) concerns, as it continues to embrace anti-war & left-wing political causes. Given steeply declining churchgoing numbers in the UK & its swelling islamic population, you'd think Anglican clergy had more urgent priorities.


fm said...

Good to see your labour brethren getting a discount. We have to pay $2500 to see him over here. Not that I'll be one of them.

Sharon said...

Maybe someone will invite Bill to go hunting with him and tell him that Dick Cheney said hello?

*sorry* that was tacky of me - theres been a couple of photos passed around her lately of Dick Cheney calling Bill Clinton and inviting him to go quail hunting in South Texas. You know the controversy is over when people start making jokes about it. I have found it much easier to laugh at Bill Clinton these days...mostly because I know his legacy is SO over...but the fact that he still thinks theres a chance makes it even more hilarious!

Mrs Danvers said...

Dont you believe it. There'll be women drooling all over him. There's something about a man 'with a past' that makes alot of women go all gooey.

George said...

Comment from a US TV show re Cheney dealing to his shooting mate with a load of No.7's

"...what this means is we have someone in the White House that has the worst aim since Bill Clinton"

Rob Good said...

Think he is undercharging compared to what he does up here. Every ex US President has a security detail attached....... He could be fully protected if the NZ gov let them pack heat.